Too legit, too legit t…(you know the rest)

“To quit.” The last part of the song lyric is “too legit to quit” (in case you didn’t, in fact, know the rest). To paraphrase the great poet MC Hammer: my business is now officially too legitimate for me to turn back. This week I achieved a few milestones that I think are pretty exciting for any solopreneur: I established an LLC, secured a federal tax ID number, opened a true business bank account and received my shipment of what seems like 37 million business cards. (Seriously, I’m going to have to start sending these things out in my family Christmas cards in order to use them up.)

Business cards front

Emerald green and sapphire purple/blue are my mom’s and my birthstone colors. Precious.

I’ve got to be honest: it feels good to feel official. When my mom founded and ran Taylor’d Communications she established an LLC, but my new ownership of the business and my removal of the unnecessary ‘s’ from the name necessitated that I start from scratch. And yes, I know: I took over the business a couple of years ago, so I should have taken care of these legal and financial details long before now. But lest a prospective client read this and think I am an insufferable procrastinator, let me explain: since I was living in Arizona when I inherited the business and the Arizona residency was temporary, it made more sense for me to wait until we returned to Kansas City to set everything up. (An LLC, for example, is established at the state level, so it was cleaner for me to wait to register my business with the Mo. secretary of state instead of doing so in Arizona.)

None of this materially impacts the work I do for my clients, but for me these new developments are kind of a big deal. Since I hemmed and hawed about striking out on my own for years before I finally decided to take the leap, I am feeling empowered by this newfound officialness.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get started on my holiday cards so I can send them out before my business card becomes obsolete in some way or another.